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Samira Rees

Samira Rees is an artist currently based in Vancouver, Washington. Her images explore themes in intimacy and exposes vulnerable moments in time.

What is your relationships with the people in these images?
Some are friends, some family, and past lovers. It is simple to capture the raw energy of someone who is comfortable to be in their body around me. I try to capture the trust and vulnerability that comes along with having a portrait taken. My personal works tend to be more sensual, as I like to capture the softest moments in life and hold them close to my heart; as a means of reminding myself and my audience of the warmth that comes with life. I have love for everyone in the photos I take. I believe we all have something to teach from our own experience, and I am the type of person who wants to listen.

What themes does your work tend to reflect?
Nostalgia, loneliness, trust, hopeless romanticism, vulnerability, tenderness, heartbreak, unconditional love, secrets, irony, fear, insecurities, all of the mushy gushy things that make us human, all the things we are scared to talk about, and all the things that make us feel alive.

Are there concepts that interest you that you would like to explore in the future?
Yes, actually! I’m interested in fashion and styling, and hope to experiment with filming. I enjoy singing and playing music, and hope to release some tracks in the near future!

What is something you’ve written down recently?
Writing has always been something that comes naturally, it’s very raw and from the heart. Most things I write are fragments, partial thoughts, broken words, things I keep to myself.

What are some influences that have inspired you outside of art?
The people I meet are very inspiring for my art. Because I grew up with mental illness, taking pictures became a sort of therapy for me. A camera gave me the ability to create moments, as beautiful as I wanted, and keep them forever. Art is a way of self healing, teaching yourself, taking a step back and looking at things from another angle. I use art to find a better understanding of life. Some other influences would be nature and supernatural forces and ideas.

Are there any projects or collaborations you’re currently working on?
I’m currently working on an ongoing collection of photos, poems, and other scraps. The theme is unrequited love, stay tuned!

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I used to be heavily involved in musical theatre and performing arts. I enjoy singing and dancing alone in my room and daydreaming about performance art pieces!

What are some of your goals this year, both in personal and creative realms?
Unfortunately this past year I’ve had to take a step back from school and my artwork to focus on being an adult (and all that) and I hope to return to school this year to study photography and literature

If you were to name one thing you are currently obsessed with what would it be?
Lavender Milk Tea!

One book, one film, one song recommendation.
Book: Dirty Pretty Things by Micheal Faudet
Film: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Song: Korean Food by Frankie Cosmos

Favorite Instagram account of the moment?

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